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Myth Busting: Low Fat Foods are ALWAYS Better for You

“Without fat, the human body is unable to absorb a large percentage of the nutrients needed to survive. Additionally, fat deprivation prevents messages from being passed between neurotransmitters, resulting in all kinds of neural misfiring in the body! While good fats and bad fats do exist, the right fats in the proper amounts can actually aid in weight loss and cholesterol management.” - Andy Bellatti; Nutritionist & Writer

The low-fat only food myth is one that’s been around for a long time. Ultimately, it’s more important to flip over the food you’re about to buy and read the label, see what kinds of fats are in it, and then make an educated decision instead of immediately reaching for the low-fat version of whatever it is you’re planning to buy, thinking it’ll be healthier. In fact, many products that are “low-fat” are low in good fats as opposed to the bad ones, or substitute in other ingredients such as sugars and sodium; which you wouldn’t want more of in your diet. Here’s a chart to guide you on your daily fat intake.

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